Friday, February 8, 2013

Nicolites Electronic Cigarette Review

Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Review

When buying a Nicolites E-cigarette you will be given; 

  • 2 Cartridges (Cartomizer), each last as long as 20 normal cigarettes would. 
  • A USB charger, fits into anything that has a USB socket, even an iPhone USB plug 
  • The E cigarette

Where i'm from in England I've had the opportunity to try the more popular refillable tornado tank E-cigs which were a nightmare to use considering they have a lifespan of only a month whereas in the 3-6 months of using the Nicolite cigarette I HAVE NEVER HAD ONE BREAK ON ME. These E-cigs generally just don't break. Although i did have one where i turned the cartridge too hard into the cigarette and it did break but that was partly my fault from not realizing i was turning too hard.

If you are trying to give up smoking then i can assure you Electronic cigarettes work the best and this one works very well in fact. When trying to quit smoking i found that freely smoking inside without worrying about the smell on my clothes and in the house was the best feeling and even better when you know your not doing any damage to your health while smoking these. After a while of using the E-cig you will start to lose the urges for a normal cigarette. 

The E-cig is about twice as big as a normal straight Cigarette, there is no button to start the vape compared to most other E-cigs. You place it in your mouth just like a normal fag and as you take a pull the mechanism inside starts and vapes. This is done in a way to mimic what smoking normally would be like and as an added bonus effect the end of the E-cig glows red to show its working. The end will flash repeatedly when it needs to be charged. 

At this point, the only negative thing I can say about this E-cig is that the cartomizers dont last very long, if you smoke a pack of 10 over two or three days then you might only be spending £6 a week on a pack of cartomizers (they come in 3) . But if you smoke more then a pack of 10 a day then you'll find that one cartridge will most likely run out over the course of a day. There are options around this to buy a seperate fluid that will fill the cartomizers which allows them to last up to a week each.

For me this is the only electronic cigarette that i can use without any problems or hassle. The tobacco taste is also very nice and if i ever feel like i need to have a cigarette, i take a few hits on the E-cig and that need just pretty much goes, Rinse and Repeat until you lose your smoking habit. 

What To Do Next
You can order a Nicolites electronic cigarette from amazon. It costs around £21 with the P&P. If its out of stock then click "new" to be taken to another seller on amazon that has it in stock. If you still need more information then click this youtube link for reviews. Please feel free to post any comments or questions below


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