Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get rid of your internet cables and if your searching for a cheap reliable wireless dongle then look no further! Yesterday after installing windows 8 on my friends computer he ran into a little problem, he had no way to connect to the internet because the computer was too far from the router (it was downstairs) and he didnt want cables going through his house so we searched for a wireless dongle. 

After running around Argos, Staples, Maplins and Comet, the average price was £20! just for a wireless dongle which is a complete rip off obviously. Argos was alright considering they were selling one for £10 but that was out of stock, my friend almost bought the next one up for £15 but again that was out of stock too. We gave up, came back home and i showed him this wireless dongle on amazon for only £5+free delivery in the uk! 

"I bought this for my old windows XP Desktop as I no longer wanted wires trailing around the house. It works amazingly well, lovely connectivity and hardly any speed loss, and no ghastly wires to worry about.
I had no problems persuading it to work automatically after loading the driver on the supplied mini CD ROM, and my only regret is not buying one sooner." 

"Ordered because I had problems with my existing Netgear adapter getting very hot and the connection failing as a result. This adapter was about a quarter of the price of the Netgear, came with a mini CD to install the driver - which was very easy. Connected to the superfast broadband router easily and all seems to be working fine. Doesn't seem to be getting hot either. Only slight oddity is the constantly flashing blue light, so it's gone in a USB slot at the back of the case under the desk - so that doesn't affect us at all but could be a little irritating if you had that in your face all the time.

Very pleased so far. "

Do yourself a favour and dont buy a wireless dongle from the popular retailers on the high street because you will get ripped off into spending £20+ on something not worth more then a fiver. If you found my article helpful then please feel free and post a comment. You can purchase the Wireless Dongle from amazon here

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